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Creating an immersive and captivating game world requires a great deal of attention to detail, especially when it comes to naming NPCs, in-game items, and other objects. If you’re working on a space-themed game, then finding the right names for all your alien objects can be particularly daunting.

If you are looking to give your game a truly unique and out of this world feel, then look no further than this article! Here, we have compiled a list of 156 abstract alien object names that can help set the tone for your game. Whether you’re creating a sci-fi adventure, a fantasy world, or something else entirely, these alien names will add an original flair to your project. From bizarre creatures to mysterious plants to ethereal objects, our list has something for everyone.

  1. Xoronium crystal
  2. Zorathian plasma cannon
  3. Vaxxian energy shield
  4. Quargian transport pod
  5. Raxxolian cloaking device
  6. Kaxxanian neural implant
  7. Jaxxonian teleporter
  8. Wroxorian propulsion system
  9. Toxxian stealth generator
  10. Gaxxian mind control device
  11. Faxxinian holographic projector
  12. Uxxolian matter converter
  13. Sxxonian energy weapon
  14. Oxxonian bio-regenerator
  15. Pxxonian time dilation device
  16. Axxonian DNA sequencer
  17. Bxxonian artificial intelligence unit
  18. Cxxonian teleportation matrix
  19. Dxxonian force field generator
  20. Exxonian gravity manipulation device
  21. Yxxonian plasma sword
  22. Zxxonian matter-to-energy converter
  23. Vyxolian anti-gravity sled
  24. Quyxonian energy field emitter
  25. Ryxolian matter disruptor
  26. Kyxonian life support system
  27. Jyxonian dimensional rift generator
  28. Wyxorian matter-to-energy weapon
  29. Tyxolian holographic display
  30. Gyxonian neural stimulator
  31. Fyxonian plasma rifle
  32. Uyxolian force field projector
  33. Syxonian energy sword
  34. Oxyxonian telekinetic amplifier
  35. Pyxonian matter manipulation device
  36. Ayxonian time travel device
  37. Byxonian artificial intelligence core
  38. Cyxonian telepathic amplifier
  39. Dyxonian energy shield generator
  40. Eyxonian gravity well generator
  41. Yyxonian plasma cannon
  42. Zyxonian matter-to-energy bomb
  43. Vaxxolian anti-gravity platform
  44. Quaxxonian energy field projector
  45. Raxxonian matter disrupter
  46. Kaxxolian life support system
  47. Jaxxonian dimensional rift generator
  48. Woxxorian matter-to-energy weapon
  49. Toxxolian holographic display
  50. Gaxxonian neural stimulator
  51. Faxxonian plasma rifle
  52. Uoxxolian force field projector
  53. Soxxonian energy sword
  54. Ooxxonian telekinetic amplifier
  55. Poxxonian matter manipulation device
  56. Aoxxonian time travel device
  57. Boxxonian artificial intelligence core
  58. Coxxonian telepathic amplifier
  59. Doxxonian energy shield generator
  60. Eoxxonian gravity well generator
  61. Yoxxonian plasma cannon
  62. Zoxxonian matter-to-energy bomb
  63. Vuxxolian anti-gravity platform
  64. Quuxxonian energy field projector
  65. Ruxxonian matter disrupter
  66. Kuxxolian life support system
  67. Juxxonian dimensional rift generator
  68. Wuxxorian matter-to-energy weapon
  69. Tuxxolian holographic display
  70. Guxxonian neural stimulator
  71. Fuxxonian plasma rifle
  72. Uuxxolian force field projector
  73. Suxxonian energy sword
  74. Ouxxonian telekinetic amplifier
  75. Puxxonian matter manipulation device
  76. Auxxonian time travel device
  77. Buxxonian artificial intelligence core
  78. Arcturian fusion core
  79. Naxian energy amplifier
  80. Galaxian stasis field generator
  81. Xanthean plasma blast cannon
  82. Kironian holographic projector
  83. Zephyran energy shield
  84. Aurorian transport pod
  85. Sorcean energy weapon
  86. Erythian cloaking device
  87. Valorian neural implant
  88. Tethysian teleporter
  89. Deimosian propulsion system
  90. Iapetian stealth generator
  91. Callistoan mind control device
  92. Hyperborean DNA sequencer
  93. Phobosian artificial intelligence unit
  94. Europaian teleportation matrix
  95. Titaniaian force field generator
  96. Rheaian gravity manipulation device
  97. Erisian plasma sword
  98. Vestaian matter-to-energy converter
  99. Cererean anti-gravity sled
  100. Pallasian energy field emitter
  101. Dioneian matter disruptor
  102. Chryseian life support system
  103. Mimasian dimensional rift generator
  104. Larissan matter-to-energy weapon
  105. Tritonian holographic display
  106. Sinopean neural stimulator
  107. Cyllenian plasma rifle
  108. Jovian force field projector
  109. Phaetonian energy sword
  110. Epimetheusian telekinetic amplifier
  111. Pandoran matter manipulation device
  112. Enceladian time travel device
  113. Letoan artificial intelligence core
  114. Hylonomeian telepathic amplifier
  115. Thebeian energy shield generator
  116. Amaltheian gravity well generator
  117. Pasiphaeian plasma cannon
  118. Elaraian matter-to-energy bomb
  119. Carmeian anti-gravity platform
  120. Metisian energy field projector
  121. Janusian matter disrupter
  122. Hyperionian life support system
  123. Themisian dimensional rift generator
  124. Telestoan matter-to-energy weapon
  125. Calypsian holographic display
  126. Atlasian neural stimulator
  127. Prometheusian plasma rifle
  128. Panopean force field projector
  129. Helikeian energy sword
  130. Pantheonian telekinetic amplifier
  131. Erebinthian matter manipulation device
  132. Tarvosian time travel device
  133. Polydeucesian artificial intelligence core
  134. Adrasteian telepathic amplifier
  135. Anankeian energy shield generator
  136. Mnemosyneian gravity well generator
  137. Phorcysian plasma cannon
  138. Kriosian matter-to-energy bomb
  139. Heliadean anti-gravity platform
  140. Pandrososian energy field projector
  141. Eurydicean matter disrupter
  142. Alcmenean life support system
  143. Letoian dimensional rift generator
  144. Eudoraian matter-to-energy weapon
  145. Eurythemisian holographic display
  146. Daphnean neural stimulator
  147. Meliaian plasma rifle
  148. Electraian force field projector
  149. Maiaian energy sword
  150. Leucotheaian telekinetic amplifier
  151. Oenoneian matter manipulation device
  152. Electryoneian time travel device
  153. Calliopeian artificial intelligence core
  154. Clioian telepathic amplifier
  155. Eratoian energy shield generator
  156. Euterpean gravity well generator

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