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In recent years, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and filmmaking has led to the creation of short films completely scripted by AI. These projects showcase the capabilities of AI in conceptualizing and scripting narratives, providing a glimpse into a new era of digital storytelling. Below are five notable short films scripted entirely by AI:

  1. The Safe Zone:
    • The film explores the nuanced relationship between humanity and technology.
    • The script was generated by GPT-3.5 Turbo, an advanced language model by OpenAI.
    • The film was directed by Magenta Strongheart and the AI also provided guidelines on camera movements, lighting, and even wardrobe​1​.
  2. The Frost:
    • A 12-minute film where every shot was generated by an image-making AI, showcasing a surreal and eerie world.
    • The script was written by Josh Rubin, and the visual scenes were generated by OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model.
    • The film was created by Waymark, a Detroit-based video creation company, and explores the potential of generative AI in filmmaking​2​.
  3. Date Night:
    • This short film was developed using GPT-3 by Built In, and showcases a unique approach to narrative storytelling through AI.
    • The project aimed to leverage more robust AI technology compared to previous iterations which often got sidetracked or were easily confused​3​​4​.
  4. It’s No Game:
    • Starring David Hasselhoff, this Sci-fi short film’s script was generated by a neural network.
    • The film explores a narrative where AI starts writing scripts for humans, drawing a parallel to the real-world evolution of AI in screenwriting​5​.
  5. The Mass:
    • An experimental short film created entirely using AI within 24 hours.
    • It explores the capabilities and the rapid advancements of AI in digital storytelling and film production​6​.

These films, each with a unique approach to AI-driven storytelling, reflect the pioneering phase of AI in the entertainment industry. They not only demonstrate the creative potential of AI but also provoke thought on the evolving relationship between humans and machines in the realm of artistic expression.

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